A Plea

To Active Members of the LDS Church:

The time of neutrality is over.  While it is understood that there will be disagreement over the righteousness of the Church’s policies concerning LGBT persons, what can not be denied is the actual pain and destruction such policies wreak on the lives of the actual beating-heart-human-beings who want to commune with you, who want clarity from you, who want to experience the same peace and safety and self-worth that you enjoy on a daily basis.  These policies don’t affect in any way shape or form those that want nothing to do with the church or it’s members.  Those that will commit suicide, those that will self-harm, those that will burn down relationships with family and friends, those that will hate themselves when looking in a mirror or struggle to find sleep through endless tears – those are the people right in front of you, in your midst, in every single ward-house and neighborhood.  They are in your family and they are your friends.  And for those people who are now watching you intently, making intense note of what you will do or what you will say, inaction is as bad as active hate.

If you do not hate – if you do not want to accept these destructive outcomes on innocent people – you must now make extra efforts to combat the status quo.  These policies will give ammunition to those that actually do hate.  Those that welcome naked bigotry.  And sadly it is they that will be louder in the ears and more visible in the eyes of every man, woman and child who is struggling through these issues.  After all, how can they not be if you are silent.

So be loud.  If you’re not one of ‘those kind of mormons’ then show it.  It’s not being over dramatic or simplistic to say that you could actually save a life by doing so.